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harvard square

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Suggesting Listening: “En Direct de la Côte + Côte Ouest” by TEPR

Sup fam. Its been a while. I have a few links to point you towards before this goes down.


the collective, agency, company, crew  officially formed as of a few months ago.. we are standing on 5 pairs of legs and standing strong. Robert August, Julius Metoyer, Sean Flanigan, Mustafah Abdulaziz and myself form the ranks as of now. lots of projects/clients are in the works.. “the surge” has begun and a bright future beckons. get at me if you have any questions.

Julius‘ latest blog post was a stunner.

i’m going to the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Mexico City in June.

let me know if you’re coming.. its going to be a fucking blast. (eds note: Ben Lowy, Stanley Greene, Ron Haviv, Brian Storm, & LYNDSEY ADDARIO [born/bread on the LA Times] are instructing.)

i’ll be attending avec my new colleague, and MJR affiliate Mustafah Abdulaziz 

The past few months have seen countless portrait sessions with countless Harvardites.. Lots of posing.. lots of window light.. lots of the 50 1.2 L. It has  become my go-to lens and i am fiending some quality time with my 16-35 2.8 L in Mexico.

I will bypass a mass posting of images from work and skip to a protest i shot a few days ago in between assignments.. it was the first time in a long time that my brain was tickled by the interaction between photographer and subject.. shooting portraits of academics and students can feel very forced and it was nice to just walk around, invade personal space, and make wonderful pictures.

I just sent off a roll of kodachrome.. and I have 9-12 rolls of Neopan/Tri-X/Provia 400 pending. Scanning is a bitch and who really enjoys doing it with an out-dated scanner with no software support? I dont. Alas, it will probably get done over the next week while Harvard is on Spring Break.

heres some angry Tibetans. China really fucked up royally with this one and i hope they feel the blunt force of the world’s disapproval for their actions.








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March 20, 2008 at 8:13 pm

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a storm is brewing

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Suggested Listening: “In Rainbows” by Radiohead

just wanted to share a few stories that hit home, at such a wild time in my life

hope you are all well.. things are busy, photos soon.

sorry for being distant

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October 19, 2007 at 6:14 am

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i wonder

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Suggested listening: “Graduation” by K. West

and i wonder.. if you know, what i mean. *repeat* this album is hot.

back in boston for a bit.. headed to san francisco on friday to see god spin for hours. if anyone wants to boogie on the 7th.. get at me! cant wait to see the bay area fam.

starting work on tuesday.. back to class and on a new foot. will be making some big announcements soon on several fronts.. remember: fuck now, whats next?

i had my first real encounter with the fundamentalist religious fanatics that plague society earlier today. One of the many drunk asshole red-sox fans that frequent this town took time out of his morning to get close enough to me to smell the champagne of beers on his breathe and share his thoughts: “The Yankees Blow.” i love my ny cap and will wear it to spite any haters. love the hate.

so 323 photos later, i’m back to work/class.. but damn.. what a summer. and i have more than enough images to recount the best of it all.

i send my love to all the residents of marcy projects and of course to the ten eyck fam and my hassidic landlord.





















k this nextone is really artsy.



anybody else feel like this season of entourge is all about E? what the shit.  also caught up on weeds: wow.
i miss you

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September 2, 2007 at 8:43 pm

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whats it mean to me

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suggested listening: “Destroy Rock & Roll LP” by Mylo
the hardest part about blogging is thinking of a title, so i’m just going to start referring to song titles. that one is from alice russell‘s latest solo effort produced by the god given talent of tm juke. both on tru thoughts.

if there is a god in the sky, lets hope he is looking after VII photographer Alexandra Boulat who is currently in a coma in Israel, where she has been doing invaluable work documenting the israeli/palestinian conflict for the past 5 years. from what i have heard around the office and through my bosses, she is in stable condition. my immediate reaction was deep concern for alex, but an added dynamic to the situation is tha she will not be able to photograph what is happening right now in palestine with the inner turmoil of hamas and fatah.. she has worked extremely close with both parties, probably closer than any other photojournalist. above all though, i hope and pray for her speedy recovery.. keep her in your thoughts.

a friend from la is here, another is coming in tomorrow night, and i am a happy camper. that is the end of my story thus far.

ps, getting back a roll of provia and a roll of velvia tomorrow afternoon.

here are some photos

field training excercise.. some film stuff from the weekend. SEE THE FULL EDIT HERE. 



phil…i miss you brother!






billy the plate washer at filenes basement who smokes crack in my entryway in boston. he’s a nice dude… likes broken radio’s alot.


people who know me, know about my magnetic reaction to the saxophone.




this image is what photojournalism is all about.













we definitely made a connection. she wasnt into younger guys.


kinda sums everything up.

hope you’re all well … leave your adoration in the form of a comment so i know who loves me.

friend me on uber.

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June 26, 2007 at 5:43 am

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acid raindrops

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suggested listening: “Either/Or” by Elliott Smith

rain gives me a reason to listen to his records on repeat.

hope the weekend was well for everyone.. burned some film.. had some drinks.. happy birthday to jason.. great kid, hope 21 treats him as well as it has me. mmmm grammar. the weather was stankin. i saw my apartment in brooklyn tonight.. i cant even say “it was amazing” without the visual evidence. prepare to be jealousified.

you should all be tuning into my favorite music blogger.. bwank is the brainchild of a close friend of mine and will forever be the mr miagi to my  daniel-san as far as anything musical is concerned. not only will you find links to the latest and greatest forthcoming records spanning all genres, but particularly indie rock and intelligent electronic, but he taps right into the blood flowing through these artists.. i love his writing as well. check out bwank.

here are some photos from my life











she was a little firecracker of a broad. followed me down allen in the lower east side for 2 blocks, screaming out the back window – not the front which was completely rolled up – while driving. all for this image. ha.




5 seconds later.. look to my right. a shockingly accurate recreation of the movie “coyote ugly”




my 5d makes love to candlelight.



katie’s boyfriend… she found a good one.. really happy for her.

i love friendships that you can pick up right where you left off.

thanks for the ten minutes.

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June 4, 2007 at 5:53 am

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make sure to check out..

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my portfolio of photo essays THUS far in Adv. Photojournalism with the omnipotent Prof Southwick. NOW AVAILABLE @

thanks. is still a work in progress, but i decided that after i ran out of business cards in my photo bag that there needed to be some content on the site i’m passing out to potential clients and sources.

i shot alot of interesting stuff this week.. started at Brandeis Univeristy where i shot one of my favorite bands, Broken Social Scene. yesterday i ended up shooting a cosmetic tattoo artist in Allston for several hours.. proof that it never hurts to stick around. the best images come when people come to terms with the camera… and this was proven over and over again. i’ll post some of the outtakes.. because i have yet to turn in the photo essay for class.. that essay will come in 2 weeks.

i’ve also decided that this blog will be the sole outlet for my film/leica work.

i have some provia400 waiting ot get scanned.. this week has been a heavy one.. gonna stay away from CS2 for the weekend.

Head of the Charles – biggest rowing race in the world – is here! The present down pour of rain is prepping the Charles River for a lot of splashing.. and i’ll be there… alll … day ….

hope this finds you all well, thanks for reading.. and check out the workblog!

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October 20, 2006 at 9:43 pm

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lack of activity here sucks.. but the time has been spent elsewhere. the days are long but the weeks are flying by like i knew they would. its funny how that happens. being legal is trrrrres bien.

my plan was to utilize for the photo essays that i have been shooting every week, but my lack of motivation to revisit the images.. even to upload.. has prevented that from happening. when you sit editing other people’s images everyday.. its sickening to come home and sit in front of photoshop. call a waaah-mbulance, i know. i’ll get to it.. ravi.. lets get working on the new flash portfolio. im calling you out in public… the day has come. i’ve handed out a lot of my new business cards, done by my nig Robert August, and the link on them is for a blank wordpress blog. the new bcards are nice.. and i can finally use my assortment of japanese crafted card holders that i’ve collected over the past few years. ❤ jap design aesthetic. is that word still offensive? i feel like if you arent wearing a budweiser trucker hat and time-stained dockers pulled up to your chin its ok. whatever, i dont buy that whole “racism” thing anyway.

the words of a 21 yr old white male.

thanks for stopping by, images from the leica.

the grace center

san francisco, ca /august 2006







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October 8, 2006 at 8:32 pm

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